Rondelle cuvette Pleine Inox A2 M10

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      Inox A2
      NFE 27619

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      Gerald V.

      Store Sunny inch Neptune

      Ludwig A.

      It means “The Surprising,” and for Ludwig, this is all down to it “not only being surprising because of its unique design, but also thanks to its exceptional performance.” What is truly remarkable is that although he has built the BMW for the express purpose of competing in the 1/8th mile ‘Sultans of Sprint’ drag racing series at events like the Glemseck 101, the BMW handles the curves of a coast road a treat. And despite the big horsepower, the engine ticks over smoothly like cream in a churn. All of this is done from a beautiful French Barn-come-workshop where our stylish Breton builder arrives to start the day in a BMW car; such is his loyalty to the brand. moto bmw sprintbike

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