Vis-Express offers a wide range of nails for different jobs. Among our nails, you will find flathead nails, roundhead nails, ribbed nails, twisted nails, head male nails, staples, slate nails, double nails. The material : steel, stainless steel, brass. Applications : carpentry, tapestry, installation of facades, woodwork, masonry etc. Choose a nail according to work to be done: for the installation of baseboards, paneling and moldings, choose the man headed nails; for fixing brackets farmhouses, choose slate nails (they easily penetrate into the concrete). The stamples are ideal for attaching the wire on the fence. The siding installation is carried out using ribbed in stainless steel. Galvanized notched nails are suitable for fastening fascia boards. Use twisted galvanized nails to lay the wood on the joists, fix battens and rafters on the framework, fixing the amounts of wood framing, mounting a baulks structure. The slate galvanized nails are used to attach asphalt shingles, nailing a tile.

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